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Overview of internet satisfaction and availability in Arkansas

The best Arkansas ISPs offer cable, fiber, or fixed-wireless internet connections. Optimum is the state’s most widespread cable internet provider; however, Little Rock and the eastern border are serviced by Xfinity, and Cox brings cable internet to Arkansas’s northeast region. Fiber internet is available in many of Arkansas’s highly-populated areas through AT&T. Both T-Mobile and Verizon offer fixed wireless internet in Arkansas.

Internet providers received an average satisfaction rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars from customers in Arkansas.

That ranks Arkansas 24th nationwide for internet customer satisfaction.

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Internet customer satisfaction in Arkansas

 3.7/5 average customer satisfaction rating
 24th national ranking for customer satisfaction

$80.01 average price per payment for internet, per household

86.1% of the time, advertised speeds meet household needs

3.7/5 average customer service rating of internet services

3.7/5 average reliability rating of services state-wide

3,042,017 people

2.48 average people per household

$45,497 average income per household

43 average age per household

49% of population employed


4% lower than national average

Ranked 44th nationally


9% lower than national average

Ranked 42nd nationally


11% higher than national average

Ranked 43rd nationally


10% lower than national average

Ranked 47th nationally

Average download speed
103.9 Mbps

24.09% lower than national average
Ranks 44th nationally

Average upload speed
71 Mbps

20.88% higher than national average
Ranks 7th nationally
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Fastest internet providers in Arkansas

Provider Avg download speed Avg upload speed Availability Order online
Cox Communications 211.52 Mbps 23.9 Mbps 95.98% View Plans for Cox Communications
Spectrum 188.97 Mbps 26.06 Mbps 93.9% View Plans for Spectrum
South Arkansas Telephone Company 181.75 Mbps 200.2 Mbps 100% View Plans for South Arkansas Telephone Company
XFINITY 172.99 Mbps 24.74 Mbps 95.78% View Plans for Xfinity
South Central Communications 151.17 Mbps 111.81 Mbps 94.97% View Plans for South Central Communications
97% of people in Arkansas have access to 100Mbps or faster broadband, ranking 42nd nationally.

Internet by tech type

Internet tech type Avg download speed % of people with access % availability Learn more
5G Home 245 Mbps 69.07% 76.54% See all providers for 5G Home
Cable 546.64 Mbps 55.7% 77.53% See all providers for Cable
DSL 390.45 Mbps 60.28% 85.42% See all providers for DSL
Fiber 3209.25 Mbps 69.43% 84.42% See all providers for Fiber
Fixed Wireless 68.86 Mbps 58.01% 73.42% See all providers for Fixed Wireless
Satellite 75.54 Mbps 96.71% 100% See all providers for Satellite

Best cities for internet in Arkansas

Cities in Arkansas with the fastest internet

City Avg download speed Avg upload speed Fiber availability Fastest provider
Springdale 285.54 Mbps 94.15 Mbps 90% Cox Communications
Mabelvale 239.81 Mbps 175.69 Mbps 63% Spectrum
Alma 220.65 Mbps 102.01 Mbps 98% Cox Communications
Greenwood 198.16 Mbps 161.38 Mbps 100% Cox Communications
Van Buren 195.79 Mbps 40.92 Mbps 98% Dobson Telephone Company
Bentonville 182.99 Mbps 68.12 Mbps 91% Cox Communications
Bella Vista 178.23 Mbps 16.17 Mbps 92% Cox Communications
Rogers 176.57 Mbps 78.42 Mbps 82% Cox Communications

Springdale is the best city in Arkansas for internet, shooting to the top of the list thanks to a combination of record-setting average download speeds, wide fiber-optic internet availability, and the presence of a reliable and well-rated internet provider. Mabelvale and Alma also earn top rankings, according to our data.

The most connected cities in Arkansas

City Population Percent with access to high speed internet Percent with access to fiber internet Percent with access to 3+ providers
Little Rock 218,362 100% 100% 100%
Fort Smith 91,613 100% 100% 100%
North Little Rock 69,451 100% 100% 100%
Fayetteville 104,224 100% 100% 100%
Springdale 98,102 100% 100% 100%
Rogers 83,107 100% 100% 100%
Cave Springs 3,294 100% 100% 100%
Jonesboro 86,431 94% 93% 94%

Little Rock is the most internet-connected city in Arkansas. Little Rock makes it to the top of the list due to the high number of its residents who have access not only to high-speed internet, but also to fiber internet specifically. A large number of Little Rock's residents also have access to three or more internet providers—an uncommon number of options compared to the rest of the state. Fort Smith and North Little Rock also make it to the top of our list.

Top cities in Arkansas

Little Rock

Population: 218,362

Median income: $69,676

119.6 Mbps
avg. download speed

75.06 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP


Population: 104,224

Median income: $56,938

161.53 Mbps
avg. download speed

68.96 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP
Cox Communications


Population: 98,102

Median income: $70,169

285.54 Mbps
avg. download speed

94.15 Mbps
avg. upload speed

100% have access to high speed internet

100% have access to fiber internet

100% have access to 3 or more providers

Fastest ISP
Cox Communications

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Methodology relies on proprietary and exclusive data to analyze the customer and provider trends presented on this page. We analyze millions of results from our speed test tool to determine average statewide speeds, fastest speeds, and availability. Our annual customer satisfaction survey provides us with data for developing the satisfaction rating. We also draw from data provided to us directly by internet providers to determine available tech types and average speeds.

Arkansas FAQs

Which is the best internet provider in Arkansas?

T-Mobile scored the highest ratings in our customer satisfaction survey. Its single fixed-wireless internet plan offers a good mix of value, affordability, and ease of use.

Which is the fastest internet provider in Arkansas?

AT&T’s fiber internet is the fastest in Arkansas, with plans up to 5,000Mbps.

What is the cheapest ISP in Arkansas?

Xfinity is the most affordable Arkansas ISP, with plans starting at just $19.99 per month.

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